New Goodies

Happy Monday farmers!

Sneak Peek!

This week we'll have a few new things to celebrate Thanksgiving. We have content for everyone! For people with Barn Bux, for people with airG Credits and for people with a voracious appetite for pumpkin pie and turkey!

We have new seeds and also new prizes for The Melon Contest. Stay tuned for more details. All content will be released sometime this week.

Question - if we did a grand sale of sorts, what would you like to see in it? Leave your comments below!

Hello World!

Hello Farmers!

Welcome to the Official Big Barn World Blog.

This is airG's official farming blog where all of the latest news about Big Barn World will be posted. Sales, special items, upgrades, fixes, feedback, etc.  This is also the place where farmers from all over the world can share their knowledge and strategy tips. Best of all, you can visit this blog from your computer at home, your laptop at work or on your mobile device - trust us, you will never miss a sale again.

The same posts from this blog will be published on airG's News Feeds - so, if you are playing Big Barn World, you don't have to leave airG to get the latest scoop on news from the farm.

New farmers, old farmers, polygamous farmers - we welcome them all! We encourage you to comment on every post so other members can dip their melons in your farming wisdom. The more, the merrier!

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