Sales - week of October 28th


  • Monday: Noon
  • Friday: Noon


  • Friday: 1PM

Oh hell to the yes! Your barn is gonna be sooo packed this week, like, get ready y'all.

All sales are in Pacific Standard Time.

Halloween Contest + Special Sale!

New items, a special sale, and a contest! It's all part of our Halloween celebration here in BBW:

New items in the Haunted Castle: 

The Haunted Castle got a revamp! We are adding a new set of animals - The Puppets! You can find these new animals when you tick or treat or harvest. There are many more to come, so make sure you get one!  COMING SOON!

Special Sale on Wednesday October 30th at Noon

The team is having a special sale next Wednesday! We'll have tons of sales to celebrate Halloween, here's a little teaser:

  • Haunted Castles @ 60 credits each with brand new items!
  • Haunted Houses @ 30 credits each
  • Gold Gumballs Machines @ 30 credits each
  • Gacha Machines @ 30 credits each

We'll also have BB items with crazy discounts, and a few other surprises. Mark your calendar!


Last year we had our very first Halloween costume contest and it was a blast. This year we want to see even more farmers dress up! As per usual, we have some awesome prizes for the Grand Winner and 5 Runners Up:



·         Full set of the new Puppet Animals. 10 Personal Baby Animals and 10 Friend Baby Animals

·         Haunted Castle x 3 / Haunted Castle (F) x 3

·         Haunted House x 3 / Haunted House (F) x 3

·         1500 Helpers

·         1000 Friend Helpers

·         500 Super Feed

·         100 Fertilizer

·         Baby Plush Vampire Cow / Baby Plush Vampire Cow (F)


·         Haunted Castle x 3 / Haunted Castle (F) x 3

·         Haunted House x 3 / Haunted House (F) x 3

·         500 Helpers

·         500 Friend Helpers

·         100 Super Feed

·         50 Fertilizer

·         Baby Plush Vampire Cow


  1. Take a picture wearing the scariest costume ever. Try to draw as much inspiration from the game as possible!
  2. Upload your picture to Facebook and post it on our official BBW page:
  3. Get your friends to like and share your photo! 
  4. You can enter as many photos as you want but you can only be chosen once


  • No nudity or sexually explicit photos
  • No "selfies" or anything else that has NOTHING to do with the contest  - please ONLY post photos wearing a scary costume
  • Winners will be chosen depending on number of likes + shares AND originality. The team reserves the right to chose the winner/runners up.

You have from today until Tuesday October 29th to enter! GO!

Weekly Schedule - Week of October 21st

Regular Sales:

  • Monday: 4PM
  • Wednesday: 4PM
  • Friday: Noon


  • Friday: 1PM

We have a special Halloween surprise coming up! Check the blog in a bit ;)

Thanksgiving Special!

A message from airG-BBW:

Hey farmers!

As you all know, yesterday was Canada's Thanksgiving day. And one thing we're super thankful for is everyone who plays Big Barn World. Thank you to each and every farmer. And to show our appreciation, we're hosting a Happy Thanksgiving Sale today! Don't miss out on it. There'll be a lot of goodies for you to spend your hard earned barn bux.

We also like to have a special thanks to those who've purchased credits. It's what's keeping the game alive and running. Without you, there won't be any Big Barn World. We won't be able to keep the lights on, feed the gerbils powering our servers and to tip the pizza guy. Kidding aside, it really helps keep the game alive.

Sales - Week of October 7th


  • Monday: 4PM
  • Wednesday: 4PM
  • Friday: Noon


  • Friday: 1PM

All sales are in Pacific time.


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