Bug: Twitter Login Disabled in the BBW App

There is a known issue happening in the BBW app where Twitter login has been disabled. The team is currently investigating the issue. In the meantime use the mobile or web browser version of airGames which still has Twitter Login enabled. To do so, follow these instructions:

  1. Open your web or mobile browser and go to http://airgames.airg.com/bbw.html
  2. Press the Twitter Login button (you may be asked to enter your Twitter password)
  3. Access your account

At this point you can continue to use your account through this method (until the team resolves the issue) OR, if you want to continue to use the app you can validate an email address and password exclusive for airGames, this way, you can return to the app and login with them. Full instructions on how to validate an email address to airGames can be found HERE.

How To: Change your airGames Profile Picture

Today we have a handy tutorial to learn how to change your profile picture on airGames. Let's get to it!


1. Start by accessing your personal options in airGames (if you are in BBW press the EXIT button, then click on the profile icon). 

2. Press the "headshot" icon to open your photo options

3. Select a method to upload your photo. You can choose between an avatar, a photo from your Facebook profile or one uploaded directly from your phone (please READ notes at the end of this tutorial for more info).

Happy Hour Sale! Spring Cleaning Edition

Yay! It's the most wonderful time of the year...and no, it ain't Christmas. It's Big Barn World's Happy Hour!

This Friday May 9th at Noon (Pacific Time) we'll have a special spring cleaning sale with lots of goodies. Basically, Melonie was super lazy during winter and didn't clean sh*t, so now we all gotta help her clear out the mess. Lucky for you, the mess includes:

  • FwB subscriptions for 60 credits
  • 50% off Fertilizer
  • 30 credit Gold Roses and Friend Gold Roses
  • 50% off on Ox
  • Seeds for 1 BB!

And many more. Set your alarm for Friday at Noon and bring your shopping totes 'cause you're gonna leave with TONS of awesome items. Can't wait!


NEW FORMAT! Permanent Sales

Hello farmers!

From now on all sales in BBW will be consistent, that means, the time and day will remain the same every week, except for special events like Happy Hour or holidays (don't worry, we'll let you know of those in advance). This way you don't have to check every week to see if the sales have changed. So easy! Just set your recurring alarm and you're good to go.

FIY: The blog will continue to publish tutorials, FAQs, and other awesome game content except the weekly sales schedule.

So, from now on sales will be as follow:


  • Mondays: 5PM
  • Wednesdays: 5PM
  • Fridays: Noon


  • Friday: 1PM

All sales are in Pacific Time!

Sales - Week of April 28th


  • Monday: 5PM
  • Wednesday: 5PM
  • Friday: Noon


  • Friday: 1PM

All sales are in Pacific Time


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